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I am currently recording my first EP at Sonic Lounge Studios! Being a solo artist, I have collaborated with many local (Columbus, Ohio) musicians in order to have my musical vision come to life, for my EP! I feel blessed to have musicians that I look up to contribute to my EP, and share their talents!


joe viers

Joe Viers at Sonic Lounge Studios

 Joe Viers:

Joe Viers, (Owner and Chief Engineer at Sonic Lounge Studios) is Recording, Mixing and Mastering my EP! Like myself, Joe also graduatedfrom Capital University! Joe listened to my vision and has a great ear for music!

sonic lounge studios


Will Freed Recording at Sonic Lounge Studios

Will Freed Recording at Sonic Lounge Studios

Will Freed: 

Will played Mandolin, Lead Guitar and Backup Vocals on my  EP! He is also co-producing the EP with me! Will is truly a talented musician and a Great session player! Will Freed Band

Sonic Lounge Studios
Sonic Lounge Studios



Shaw Brothers

Chris Shaw (Left) Andy Shaw (Right)

Chris Shaw:

Chris is a natural talent when it comes to music! He is a member of The Shaw Brothers which consist of Chris and Andy Shaw! If you have not listened to their music, you are missing out!  He also started his own band which is called “Topher James and Biscuit Brigade!” 


Katie Davis and Chris Shaw

Katie Davis and Chris Shaw

Chris is great to work with and played Fiddle for my Upcoming EP! He also added some background vocals! I am looking forward to working with Chris again!


Steven Fox:

Steven played the Upright Bass for my EP! He gets into a groove on his Upright Bass, and brings a unique sound to every song! Working with him was enjoyable! He is a very talented musician and plays in a few bands here in Columbus, Ohio including The Spikedrivers & Fox N Hounds!
Steven Fox

Steven fox katie davis and will freed

Steven Fox, Katie Davis, & Will Freed

steven fox sonic lounge studios

Steven Fox, Upright Bass

 Sam Walls:

Sam played the Djembe and did the Hand Percussion on my EP! He is in a band called Juma where he is the lead singer and guitarist.

katie davis singer songwriter sonic lounge studios

Sam Walls, Katie Davis, Will Freed, & Chris Shaw

I am so excited to share my music with all of you!

My EP will include seven of my original songs and will be released Spring 2015!

~Katie Davis

katie davis recording sonic lounge studios

Katie Davis at Sonic Lounge Studios

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